Men's Bath & Shower Soap

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There are a variety of "Made in Oklahoma" soaps available in men's fragrances. 

Kinzoku- This one smells like aftershave. Very masculine and sexy.

Lemon Loofah Poppy- This is a great Gardener's, Mechanic's, and kitchen soap. Lemon Essential Oil fights odors, and with the super scrub of loofah and poppy seeds, dirty hands don't stand a chance. Shown under Ladies Bath & Shower Soaps.

SWEET OLIVE-This scent is from the olive family of plants. Known as Sweet Olive, Tea Olive or Fragrant Olive, the plant is wonderful. Earthy, green, and slightly sweet. Very calming.

MIRAGE-This unisex soap is a spicy blend that makes me think of a King's tent in the desert, filled with jewel-colored pillows, incense, and exotic wood.

OLD West- This one smells like aftershave. Very masculine. Sold Out

Patchouli- Earthy, natural...what else is there to say?

ICE-I really don't know how to describe this scent, other than it is sexy! Men and women will love this one. Sold Out

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