Mini Hot Sauce (4 Pack Minis)

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These 1.69 oz bottles of T & A Hot Sauces come in four flavors for the mild to extreme hot sauce lovers.  The small bottles are nestled in a mini carrier. The carrier holds one of each of the four flavors.  

Tropical Sunshine Hot Sauce - is a sweet but mild hot sauce.  It's a smooth blend of pineapple and the unique taste flavor of the Aji Amarillo Pepper.

Smokey Goodness Hot Sauce - A unique blend of chipotle peppers and roasted garlic with a mild heat.

Biggy's Mud Hot Sauce - A handcrafted mix of red and green Habanero peppers, with flavor that is only matched with its heat level.  Fiery Hot!!  When you want something hot and tasty reach for some T & A!!

Raging Reaper Hot Sauce -  Using the Worlds Hottest Pepper, the Carolina Reaper, blended with other fresh ncredients making one of the hottest and best tasting fire sauces in Oklahoma!


When your food needs an extra kick of flavor reach for the best tasting fire sauce in Oklahoma.