Mini Hot Sauce (4 Pack Minis)

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These 1.69 oz bottles of T & A Hot Sauces come in four flavors for the mild to extreme hot sauce lovers.  The small bottles are nestled in a mini carrier. The carrier holds one of each of the four flavors.  

Tropical Sunshine Hot Sauce - is a sweet but mild hot sauce.  It's a smooth blend of pineapple and the unique taste flavor of the Aji Amarillo Pepper.

Smokey Goodness Hot Sauce - A unique blend of chipotle peppers and roasted garlic with a mild heat.

Biggy's Mud Hot Sauce - A handcrafted mix of red and green Habanero peppers, with flavor that is only matched with its heat level.  Fiery Hot!!  When you want something hot and tasty reach for some T & A!!

Raging Reaper Hot Sauce -  Using the Worlds Hottest Pepper, the Carolina Reaper, blended with other fresh ingredients making one of the hottest and best-tasting fire sauces in Oklahoma!


When your food needs an extra kick of flavor reach for the best-tasting fire sauce in Oklahoma.