Looking Like Tulsa, Oklahoma

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This Oklahoma shaped basket has been designed specifically to show some of the unique things Tulsa, OK has to offer.  Your gift will include: 

Biscotti Cookies- Almond Dark Chocolate

Tulsa Golden Driller Mug -  Golden Driller on one side and Tulsa skyline on the other side.

Let's Butter Herb! Great on veggies!

Popcorn- Caramel  (as shown) or Butter Rum (red).

Adeline's Beef Jerky- Our premium beef jerky is cut from inside rounds to provide a superior product while maintaining desirable nutritional levels.  

Miss Leone's "Rockets" - Queen Olives double stuffed with garlic and jalapeno.  Olives with an Attitude!

Metal Art - Oklahoma shaped ornament with a BIG heart.

Embellished with a raffia style bow in Red, Green, or Tan and wrapped in cellophane. 

Limited quantities.