Damon's Droneography Gifts

About Oklahoma's local ARTIST:

Damon is a drone photographer who loves to show how new and beautiful the familiar world around us can be.

In 2014 Damon started flying a homemade drone as a hobby with a close friend. Over time, his love for flying, his eye for photography, and the connection his art creates with people have grown.

In his shots, Damon strives to capture those moments and share them with others. His collection ranges from the beautiful day and nighttime cityscapes to mountainous passageways, images of nitrogen-rich lightning, ominous storm fronts, the quiet countryside, and even a few drift cars just for adrenaline's sake.

Unique local merchandise which represents your hometown, favorite city, or dream destination. Get one as the ideal gift for faraway loved friends, family, or a client. Accent your Airbnb to lend it a sense of place.

The merchandise is printed in-house.  For large orders, please call 918-664-3320 at least 14 days in advance.