Oklahoma Gathering

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If you're looking to bring some Italian flavor to your table, look no further than Krebs, Oklahoma - also known as "Little Italy" in the state. And with this Taste of Oklahoma Designer box, you can enjoy some delicious Made in Oklahoma products. The Lovera's Pasta Sauce, available in either Old-world Style or Tomato Basil, is sure to impress your friends and family at your next gathering. The Lovera's Summer Sausage, a combination of beef and pork seasoned to perfection, is another must-try. And don't forget about Lovera's Caciocavera Braided Cheese, which pairs perfectly with any meal. For dessert, indulge in an Oklahoma Cow Patty, some Bedre Chocolates, or a Pecan and Walnut Chewy Praline. And to top it all off, enjoy a warm cup of coffee from Neighbors Fine Coffee. You won't be disappointed with this delicious spread!


The Oklahoma Gathering has a specially designed box has the "Taste of Oklahoma" on the lid with Turner Falls and the Oil Derreks on the sides. 

All Made in Oklahoma products.

Limited Quantities.


These are very cost-effective to ship.