My New All-Star

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For the little one who brings immense joy and laughter into your life, this delightful gift set is sure to bring even more smiles. The two one-piece body suits with cute mustaches, along with the one sporting a milk mustache, are not just adorable but also incredibly soft and cozy for the baby's delicate skin. In times of unexpected diaper changes, the bundle of six disposable diapers will definitely come in handy, ensuring that you are always prepared.

When it comes to playtime, the choice between the Little Hoopster bear (Baby GUND) with his basketball or the Little Pro-star with his football adds a touch of sports fun to your baby's day. And for those calm moments when it's time to wind down, the included book is perfect for some quiet reading while snuggled up in bed or his bedtime bath time.

To engage your little one during playtime. The fun rattle is a fantastic addition to the set. Its cheerful sound will surely capture your baby's attention and bring about moments of joy and amusement. All these wonderful items are beautifully presented in a lovely basket featuring a charming elephant design on the front. This cloth basket is not only a delightful keepsake but also a practical storage solution for toys or essential items you want to have close by at the changing table. It is a thoughtful and charming gift that is bound to make both baby and parents happy.


Embellished with a hand-tied bow and wrapped in cellophane.


Limited quantities.