Biscotti Serving Suggestions

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 Serving Suggestions

Biscotti are perfect for every occasion, whether your preference be dunking or eating all by itself.  Biscotti offers you a distinctly satisfying taste — rich in flavor, light and crunchy in texture, and delicately sweet. We individually wrap each biscotti to ensure that the cookies you get are exactly as they were intended - fresh tasting and of the highest quality.


Biscotti are delicious all by themselves or can be dunked in…

- Coffee

- Cappuccino
- Espresso
- Hot Chocolate
- Café Latte
- Milk
- Hot Cider
- Tea
- Wine

Biscotti can be enjoyed at any time of the day. They are not only eaten alone or dunked, biscotti can be crumbled and served…
- With a dish of seasoned fruit
- Over ice cream
- In yogurt
- Mixed inside a pie crust
- Swirled in your favorite milkshake
- With Gelato

 Biscotti are also great…

- Shared with friends and family over good conversation
- Packed for lunch
- Eaten for breakfast
- As an after-school treat
- On family road trips
- As a midnight snack
- On those long flights, when peanuts just won’t do