White Frosted Pretzels

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White frosted pretzels will delight their tastebuds. The fragrance of the chocolate is breathtaking when they open your gift.  They always come back for more of these.  They won't be able to eat just one.  That's for sure.  Made in Oklahoma


History of Pretzels -

Pretzels are thought to have been created by monks in northern Italy around 600 AD as rewards for children that memorized their prayers – thus the original shape resembling arms folded in prayer. They were known as “Pretiolas”, meaning “Little Rewards"

Later, Pretiolas found their way to old Bavaria where the children tied the “Bretzels” on a string around their necks at the beginning of the New Year to bring prosperity, health, and good fortune.

Pretzels have a long tradition with love and romance, too. Even the expression “tying the knot” traces its roots to Old World customs where brides and grooms included pretzels in their wedding ceremonies.