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Custom Bamboo Cutting Boards

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We have a beautifully custom-designed cutting bamboo board approx. 8.625x5.875 that may be added to any gift or purchased individually.  Choose from the ones we have or give us a call to order.

These custom bamboo cutting boards are all wrapped up and so cute. They are an excellent choice for snack and bar trays, cutting herbs, lemons, limes, etc.  We have cheese, crackers, and summer sausages too. 


Choose from:  Oklahoma Rose, Oklahoma Bison, Oklahoma in the outline of the state, Lemon & Limes, Herbs, Texas, Texas Love


Looking for an excellent gift or just a little something for yourself? Look no further than our custom-designed cutting bamboo board! Measuring approximately 8.625" x 5.875", these boards are both beautiful and functional. They are perfect for adding to any gift or purchasing individually.

We offer two different designs to choose from: Oklahoma Rose or Oklahoma in the outline of the state. Whichever design you choose, you can be sure that your board will be wrapped up in a cute and attractive manner.

These bamboo cutting boards are not only gorgeous, but they are also versatile. They make excellent snack and bar trays and are perfect for cutting herbs, lemons, limes, and more. We even offer a selection of cheese, crackers, and summer sausages to pair with your new cutting board.

Don't hesitate - order your bamboo cutting board today!

Choose from: Oklahoma Rose or Oklahoma in the outline of the state.

With pre-orders, your logo or the mission may be added to create a great advertising gift.



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