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Home Sweet Home Engraved Cutting Board

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If you're looking for a unique and personalized addition to your kitchen, a custom engraved cutting board made from Acadia wood is a great choice. Not only is Acadia wood a durable and practical material for a cutting board, but it also has a beautiful natural grain that will make it a standout piece in your kitchen.

What's more, the cutting board can be engraved with any message or design you like, making it a truly one-of-a-kind item. For example, you might choose to have "Home Sweet Home" engraved on the board to welcome guests into your kitchen, or for a closing gift when they close on their new home. 

It's worth noting that the cutting board is food-safe, so you can use it to prepare food without any worries. To keep it in top condition, be sure to oil it regularly and avoid leaving it soaking in water for extended periods of time.

Overall, a custom engraved cutting board made from Acadia wood is a thoughtful and practical gift for clients, yourself, or a friend.


Embellished with a hand-tied bow.  The engraved board in this picture is approx. 15.94 in x 8.56 in. 

Limited quantities.