Awesome Dips

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         MADE IN TULSA, OK

Bodacious!  Buttermilk Ranch:

Our Bodacious! Buttermilk Ranch Dip Mix will blow your mind. You think you've had ranch dip before, but believe us, you haven't had anything like this. It is filled with only top-notch ingredients, and enough flavor to make you scream "Bodacious!"

Wicked!  Dill & Cucumber:

Everyone loves a good dill dip, but we felt that there was something missing. So we reworked that timeless recipe and figured out how to make it Wicked! Our dill dip mix is infused with refreshing cucumber to create a unique flavor that will have you singing its praises like you were George Michael. The ingredients may seem basic; the taste is anything but. This WILL become your go-to dill dip!

Seriously!  Spinach Veggie:

This isn't the spinach your mom used to make you eat! This dip mix has a very balanced spinach flavor, combined with other awesome veggies such as red bell peper & celery. Our Seriously! Spinach Veggie Dip Mix isn't quite Popeyes spinach, but almost!  SOLD OUT

Tubular!  Tomato Garlic Lime:

We wanted to create a new flavor that will excite you, and really show off what party dips can be. Our very mild Tubular! Tomato Garlic Lime Dip Mix gives you a powerful tomato and garlic flavor, then throws in some zest with a twist of lime. SOLD OUT

  • Top-Notch Natural Ingredients
  • No MSG
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Gluten Free
  • Modern Foil Packaging
  • Fun and Flavorful, It's Party Time!